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47) PRESIDENT OF FRANCE VISITS INDIA French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in New Delhi today on a four-day visit to India. The visit aimed at strengthening the bilateral economic, political and strategic dimension of engagement between the two countries. Macron presided over the Founding Conference of the International Solar Alliance in New Delhi. 48) NIEPHUI RIO: Leader of People’s Democratic Alliance sworn-in as the new Chief Minister of Nagaland 49) S C GRANTS ‘RIGHT TO DIE’ In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court recognised right to die with dignity and allowed an individual to issue an advance directive in the form of a ‘living will’ authorising someone to withdraw his/her life support, if he/she went into a vegetative state because of an incurable and irreversible medical condition. The Court observed that right to die with dignity was a facet of right to life and liberty guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution. A “living will” is a document executed by an individual in full possession of his/her decision-making capacity, without any duress, enunciating the condition of ill health in which he/she would not like to prolong life by artificial support. 50) PRITZKER ARCHITECTURE PRIZE: Balkrishna Doshi, whose pared-back homes established his reputation as an architect for the poor, has been awarded this prestigious prize. Doshi, 90, is the first Indian to win the $100, 000 award, established by the Pritzker family in Chicago, and is considered the highest honour in architecture. 51) PASSPORT DETAILS MUST FOR BIG LOANS With a view to enable banks to take timely action and inform the relevant authorities to prevent fraudsters from fleeing the country, it has been decided to make mandatory to seek passport details of borrowers taking loans of Rs 50 crore and more. For all existing loans of over Rs 50 crore, banks have been asked to collect passport details of borrowers within 45 days. 52) CHANDRAGIRI: This railway station near Tirupati has become the first ‘all-women staff railway station’ in Andhra Pradesh under the South Central Railway management. 53) JEFF BEZOS: The 32nd annual World's Billionaires List released by the American magazine Forbes includes names of a record 2208 billionaires. CEO of Amazon Inc., Jeff Bezos topped the list with a fortune of $112 billion, leaving behind Bill Gates at 2nd position, at $90 billion. Mukesh Ambani was ranked at 19th place. 54) RAILWAYS UPGRADES TRAINS REPORTING SYSTEM Railways Ministry has discontinued the practice of manually recording punctuality of trains 41 major railway junctions across the country. Arrival and departure of trains now will be recorded with data loggers to establish authentic punctuality status. A data logger is an electronic device that records data over time by sensing status of relays. 55) Ministry of External Affairs and the International Federation of Indo-Russian Youth Clubs organized 'Vision for Future' event in New Delhi on March 6 to commemorate 70 years of the Indo-Russia ties. 56) WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP PLATFORM NITI Aayog launched the Women Entrepreneurship Platform on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The initiative is aimed at promoting a vibrant ecosystem for supporting and strengthening women entrepreneurship. The initiative will work on three pillars: Ichha Shakti: Motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to start their enterprise Gyaan Shakti: Providing knowledge support required for stating an enterprise Karma Shakti: Providing hands-on support in setting-up the enterprise. 57) MARCH 08: THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN's DAY Observed across the world to empower women in all settings, be it rural and urban, and recognise the activists who are working constantly to assert women’s rights and realize their full potential. The theme for this year was 'Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives'. 58) UDYAM SAKHI PORTAL LAUNCHED The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) launched Udyam Sakhi (saheli of entrepreneur) Portal for women entrepreneurs of India to nurture entrepreneurship and create business models for low cost products and services in order to empower women. The portal would provide assistance for entrepreneurship learning tools, incubation facility, training programs for fund raising, providing mentors, etc. 59) ‘SUVIDHA’ SANITARY NAPKINS LAUNCHED Government has launched the 100 per cent Oxo-biodegradable Sanitary Napkin named ‘Suvidha’ under the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana. It will be available for Rs 2.50 per pad at over 3200 Janaushadhi Kendras across India and would ensure ‘Swachhta, Swasthya and Suvidha’ for the underprivileged Women of India. 60) INDIA LAGS BEHIND IN CLOUD POLICY A report by "BSA | The Software Alliance", a global software watchdog promoted by the Microsoft shows that India’s ranking in the adoption of cloud-friendly policies has come down to 20 in 2017 from 18 in 2016, out of 24 leading IT economies. This indicates that the legal and regulatory environment in the country is restricting innovation.
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